Download Resume Templates in Microsoft Word Free

Are you trying to create nice resume for apply some jobs? It is a good idea if you want to make your own template, but why not try to have template from your Microsoft Word. It is easy and simple. You just need to download it and edit the necessary information. Besides, if you use a template, you can save more your time to do your another activities.
Downloading resume template in Microsoft Word is quite easy. However, you can do it through the Microsoft Word or visit the Word online. Well, let see how to download the resume templates in Word Online. You can follow this step when you think that it is clearer to see it in the official website.
  1. You need to active with Internet and go to and choose the Word templates and resume. Do not worry! You will find it.
  2. There are a lot of resume and curriculum vitae template. Be smart in choosing the right template. You should know which template you need the most. Just click the template you want and ‘Open in Word Online’. Sometimes, if it is necessary, you should sign in with your office 365 account.
  3. The resume template is already giving right format. Just fill some information such as name, address, email, and etc. Suit the template with your information. Be careful not to change the format because it has nice standard of resume template.
Well, you may feel it is too complicated. Then you can download and install the template directly through your Microsoft Word. Let check how simple it is:
  1. Open your Microsoft Word and click ‘File’, choose the ‘New’ option. You will see many templates there. Just click the ‘Resume and Cover Letters’. It is similar with the previous way. You need to connect your computer with Internet.
  2. When you choose the right template, click ‘Create’. How if you do not have any Internet connection that time? You can choose ‘Sample Template’. Though, the templates are limited.
  3. Next, just fill the template with necessary information. One more time, be careful! You should not change the format. The template is already having nice and good format. Just pay attention with your good type writing including your grammar and diction.
If you never try to have any templates from your Microsoft Word, you can see this following example of Microsoft Word template resume:

Resume Templates in Microsoft Word

Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word
Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word

Resume Templates Microsoft Word Free

Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates
Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates