Guide to Emailing Your Cover Letter and Resume

Did you know that the way you write reflects your personality and intellectual capacity? In a highly advanced society where the Internet dominates the life of almost every person in the planet, the way you write and submit your email messages will reflect who you are. You will be assessed on how you interact online and you will be evaluated based on the email you send. With this concept in mind, emailing your cover letter and resume should be done with caution.

According to some Human Resource professionals, job seekers’ true nature can easily show online as most job seekers can be caught easily, and they fall into traps and make mistakes carelessly. The casual nature of online interaction can potentially damage the reputation of some job seekers. So to prevent such circumstances, read the guidelines below on how to email your documents to a prospective employer.

Act Professionally. Though online interaction is not a direct way to interact with hiring managers, it is still highly suggested to be professional while emailing a prospective employer. Show your interest and try to make it a serious process. Emailing may be a casual way of communicating but when it comes to seeking a job it is important to have a business-minded outlook.

As a sign of formality, address your prospective employer with respect. Begin with the standard method of greeting a person professionally. If an employer responds to your message, depending on how the greeting begun your response should be with either informal or formal greeting.

Use capitalization and punctuation marks appropriately. In an online interaction, people may use capitals and punctuation marks excessively. This is why most job seekers can produce an unintended tone during an online interaction or while sending email to prospective employers. Since the communication is done from different areas where two people interact without seeing the facial reaction of the other, the emotions portrayed online can easily be misinterpreted. With improper usage of capitalization and punctuation marks, your candidacy for the job position can be stripped away from you.

In addition, the way people interact online is far different from real or face-to-face communication. Online, people can act and use informal words and phrases. Furthermore, ambiguous words are often used online. Due to the freedom that the Internet offers, people have high probability of making mistakes while applying for a job online.

Write formally and carefully. Aside from the professionalism of your email, the message should be composed with care. Pay attention to every detail of your email message. If you must, read your email message at least three times. Or you can let a friend proofread your email message. Remember that your email message should not contain any simplified modern or informal words. Also before sending, assure that you fill out the subject line. The subject of the message should also be written formally. It should be short and yet concise.

Generally, the content of your email message should open the door to great opportunities. It should be well written and it should sound business like. Bear in mind that your email message should have the same impact as your documents.