How to Create a Cover Letter in Microsoft Word

Do you have any problems in creating your own cover letter? Sending a cover letter is one of the basic requirements when you want to apply in certain company. Only by your cover letter, a company can decide whether you get interviewed or not. Thus, you should make best cover letter. It is like your first impression to the company.
However, when you are deciding to make nice cover letter but you do not know how, you can open your Microsoft Word and choose the template. It is easy, isn’t it? Well, when you do not like to have the template, you can also make your own template. Both will give you nice opportunity when you give all your attention to create it.
Let see some steps you can follow to make a cover letter using Microsoft Word template:
  1. Open your Microsoft Word and click ‘New’ at the office or file button. It does not matter which series you have. You will find it easily. Well, it is easier when you are using 2007, 2010, 2013, and so on.
  2. After you click ‘New’ you can find a lot of templates. Search for ‘Resume and Cover Letter’ and you will go to online web from official Microsoft. Make sure that your computer connects with Internet. Try to choose the cover letter that will show your sincerity to apply in certain company. Download it.
  3. What you should do is only removing the sample information and type you own information such as your address. Do not change the formatting when you are typing your information because the templates makes as standard cover letter formatting.
  4. Click ‘Save As’ and enter the name of your cover letter. Click ‘Save’ and it is done.
Creating a cover letter without using Microsoft template is easy. You just make your own template manually. You just need to pay attention in some parts, such as:
  1. Contact information. It is better for you to write your own contact information and the employer.
  2. Introduction. You should know to whom you are writing. Just image when you are the hiring manager in find out a cover letter starting with ‘Dear Sir or Madame?’ Do you like it? Or it makes you sounds like from 1865 era.
  3. Introduce and sell yourself.
  4. Conclusion. This part you should make ‘call to action paragraph’ to show that you would like to get interviewed.
Cover Letter Template in Microsoft Word
Cover Letter Template in Microsoft Word

How to Create a Cover Letter in Microsoft Word without  template

Whiteflower St.
South Lafayette. IN 83910
May 6, 2011

Ms. Christine Stuart, Teacher
Heavilon Community School
234 Smart St.
West Lafayette, IN 90283

Dear Ms. Christine Stuart,
The need for biology teacher in the Heavilon Community School was indicated in the Purdue University Educational listing of May 1, 2011. If this vacancy still exists, please consider me as an applicant for the position and send me a teacher application form.
On May 13, 2011, I will graduate from Purdue University with a B.S. degree. I will receive an Indiana Secondary Standard Certificate with a major in Biology and a minor in Botany. In addition to this format education, the past two semesters were spent at the Gull Lake Biological Station where I worked as a laboratory assistant. The preceding two semesters were spent in the fieldwork with the Indiana Department of Conservation. These experiences have been valuable to my educational background. During the fall semester, 2010 I did my student teaching in Biology at Central High School in Lafayette, Indiana.
My resume is enclosed for information, and my credentials are available at the Educational Placement Office, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. A personal interview can also be arrange at your request.
Sincerely yours
Abigail White

Enclosure: Resume

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