How To Make Interview Confirmation Email

Congratulation!!! You just step ahead. Invited to interview is a great chance. You may wait for this news. Of course it makes us tired when we always try one by one making a cover letter and resume. Voila, in this time the company invites us to come in interview. It is a great time. You have to come. Well, sometimes the invitation comes with e-mail and the company asks you to give them confirmation whether you come to interview or not.

Should we just reply it? Or we need to reply it with formal email? Well, it depends on the e-mail actually, yet a big company will give you formal invitation thus you need to reply it with formal as well to show your gratitude and attitude. It is not hard to make an interview confirmation e-mail from employer. Well, let see how to make a confirmation letter for interview. The company will give you point plus. We never know, do we? Well, there are some tips you can try:

  • Make sure the e-mail is correct and you send it at the right person. Then, an e-mail needs to have a Subject e-mail, you have to write it or the company will think that your e-mail is spam. You can use ‘Confirmation if interview for the post of (the job position).’
  • You may not know the name of the hiring manager before, but when the interview invitation comes, usually it contains with the hiring manager name and his/her title in the company. Write that full name including the tittle and the company name. Write the date. Of course there is automatically attach in the email, yet write it again in your letter.
  • First of all, use a nice salutation like ‘Dear Sir’ or any good salutation. You should begin the letter with your thank. It is important. It shows that you are waiting for the invitation and that you are so grateful to be interviewed. Then, you say that you will come. Once more, mention when and where you will be interviewed. In several conditions, it may change.
  • Well, when the company is asking you bring several documents, state it. Mention all documents you have to bring. It is to confirm that you will bring right and complete document. Close the letter with salutation as well.
Finally, you can see this simple example as sample to write an interview confirmation e-mail from employer below:

Subject: Confirmation of Interview for the post of Senior Accountant

Tom Jade,
Senior HR Manager
Bright Inc.
16th June, 2013

Dear Sir,
I am writing to thank you extending me the offer of an interview for the post of senior accountant in your organization “Bright Inc.” I confirm that I will be present for the interview scheduled on 18th June, 2014 at 10 AM. I am very enthusiastic about the interview and assure you that I will try my best to utilize the given opportunity.
I am sure that interview will help me in presenting my personality and other traits better and to get a better understanding of the company’s mission and vision. As asked by you, I will bring along my detailed CV, certificates, complete applications form and other needed documents. In case you require any other document for interview, please feel free to call me at my cell no 123-456-789-000.
I want to once again thank you for arranging for an interview where I can present my capabilities. Looking forward to meet you next week.

Yours Sincerely,


Interview Confirmation Email From Employer 

Interview Confirmation Email From Employer

 Interview Confirmation Email Reply

interview confirmation email reply

Interview Confirmation Email Template 

interview confirmation email template