How To Make Letter of Intent for A Business

What do you know about a letter of intent for business? We may not familiar with this letter. It is a formal letter for business. If your job responsibilities should make a letter of intent for business, of course you need to know what it is first. Briefly, a letter of intent is similar with a cover letter.  It uses to introduce your business personal application before you give your business resume. The letter will show how meaningful credentials and show off your writing skills. It is important and you should know how to make a letter of intent for business. It is not easy, but you still can make it by following these simple steps below:
  • Find all information you need before you make a letter of intent for business. You can visit the business website. In that website should contain all information you need. Well, if you are not finding what you are looking for, then make a phone call.
  • Choose the name and address of person who should receive your intent letter. It is easier to find the name or full team if you asking by a phone. Be specific.
  • Before you start to write your letter of intent for business, it is better for you to make a note. You can write some points you want to include to the letter. With this note, you can make the letter easier and you will not forget what you should write for it.

As a formal letter and similar with a cover letter, it usually contains with three paragraphs. In the first paragraph you should introduce yourself. It is about brief introduction about you and your business. The second paragraph should tell more specific. In this part, you should describe your reason why you have to write this letter and what is your goal next. Be brave and say the truth. The last paragraph should be a conclusion and short repeat about your request.  See, it is not that hard.
Like other formal letter, the letter of intent for business also needs a complete address and need salutation to open and close your intent letter. Be careful not to write wrong name, title, and even address or your intent letter for business is rejected directly. You should also explain who you are clearly. Give your contact information thus they will easily give the answer. Overall, to give you more explanation you can see this following example of letter of intent for business.

Letter of Intent for A Business Example

Michael Keaton
Batter & Fries
100 Heat Road
Alexandria, VA 130911
(911) 222-333

February 3, 2014
Mr. Fred Kruger
71 John Carlyle Street, Apt 21
Alexandria, VA 091011

Dear Mr. Kruger:
Batter & Fries is a small chain of fast food restaurant with 11 branches in 5 states and 3 franchises. I would like to express my interest in renting 679 Hamilton Place, Alexandria, VA of which you are the owner. As part of our expansion plan, we would like to open one more branch in Alexandria and your property seems like the perfect place for us to do this.

Our company was inaugurated in 1994 and has seen considerable growth since than even in the face of tough competition. In Hamilton Place, we intend to open up a smaller branch in comparison to the others and we are targeting customers for lunch and dinner. As Hamilton Place is a hub of office, we believe that this will serve our purpose quite well.

I met your representative at the premises yesterday and was informed that you were out of city at the moment. Please call me at (911) 222-333 at your earliest convenience so that we can set up time to meet and discuss this further. I anticipate that we will be able to work out mutually agreeable terms and execute this deal soon.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Michael Keaton

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