How to Make Resume in Microsoft Word Complete Instruction

Do you want to make a resume? As fresh graduate or professional we need to make a resume. Resume is a document to explain our backgrounds and skills. More our resumes are good, more we can be accepted. Resume is used for many reasons. Mostly it is used as one of basic requirements in a job vacancy. Thus, we need to make a good, orderly, and interesting resume. In this modern era, we see that many letters are a type written text. However, do you know how to make resume in Microsoft Word?
Actually, when you open the Microsoft Word you will realize that there is a template to make a resume, or even cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV). Resume and Curriculum Vitae is similar, sometimes resume is more detail. You can make resume in Microsoft Word through two different ways: using Microsoft Word resume template or without it.

Make resume with and without Microsoft Word template

It is easier to use the template. Though, the template is pre-installed or you need to download it first at the official web. You just need to connect your computer with internet. Click on ‘New’ from the File menu. You will see that there are a lot of varieties such as calendar, brochure, cover letter and CV, and many more. Here it is what you should do: 
Click the ‘Resume and CVs’, you will go at the official web then you just need to download it. 
Choose the template that shows your personality in very interesting way, the template which show how professional you are. 
Then you just need to delete the default text and add your personal information. 
NB: You need to know that this template only gives you good layout, format, and presentation but cannot help you in good writing including grammar, spelling, or bad writing. Thus, make sure you write it with your best. 
Well, you can write your own resume without using Microsoft Word template with knowing the point you should write on you resume. First of all, you need to write your contact information completely. You can write you full personal information as well. Next, you should give the objective, outline your education and qualification, your work experiences, or even writing your extra skills. You can write anything which support yourself to be accepted at the company because there is no exactly correct resume. Do not worry! Let see this following example: 
Example 1 (using Microsoft Word Template):
Example 2 (without Microsoft Word Template):
Anna Davidson
Permanent Address (after 5-92) Current Address (before 5-92)
1212 Trust Lane 241 Sheetz St.
Mt Pleasure, SC 123124 West Lafayette, IN 123456
(812) 918-839 (317) 817-927

Personal Goal

A career in personnel management that would involve coordinating and training skills


Purdue University: expected graduation, May 1998

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Minor: General Management

GPA (4.0 Scale) Major 3.8 Minor 3.9 Overall 3.7

Major Related Courses

Personal Management, Interviewing, Labor Relations, Industrial Psychology, Business Law, Marketing



– Planned and organized campaign for Grand Prix Queen Candidate

– Assisted in planning and organizing a sorority rush program

– Supervised dining room preparation at the Sheraton Plaza

– Developed and presented peer counseling seminar for the American Personal Guidance Convention, Washington DC, 1994


– Supervised the implementation of peer counseling programs in St. Louis High Schools

– Instructed other employees in proper food and beverage services

– Tutored student in College Algebra and Marketing courses

Work Experience (paid 100% of college expenses)

Waitress, Sagamore Room, Purdue Memorial Union, 8/94 to present Salesperson, University Book Store, Purdue University,7/95 to 8/97


Available upon request