How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job with Examples

Are you a job seeker and trying to make an application to get your dream job? Or maybe you are a professional who want a better job? Or even you are a fresh graduate? Whoever you are, the important thing is you have to make a cover letter and resume or curriculum vitae. Indeed, you can use a cover letter template because it easy and it can be free downloaded. It is not the matter whether you will use the template or you just make your custom cover letter. The most important is you need to know what you should write on your cover letter to get the hiring manager attention.
Though you use the cover letter template from MS Word, still you have to know what you should write about yourself. Why is it? You know, a cover letter template is having a format that is hard to edit. When you are deleting some parts, it will break the all format in its letter. Thus, if you decide to make a cover letter by using template, make sure that the template is suitable with your experience. You can download it through your MS Word. Just open the MS Word, click ‘FILE’, then ‘NEW’, choose ‘Resume and Cover Letter.’ Then, let see this following tips in writing your cover letter:
  1. Write you contact completely including your phone and email address. You have to write the company’s address as complete as you can. Even, it will be good when you can mention the name of the hiring manager and her/his tittle.
  2. Make sure that you can write your background profile briefly. It is about your university or your school business. If you are a fresh graduate, explain it and tell your achievement.
  3. Usually, you will mention your best achievement at your previous work. Yet, if you are a fresh graduate, you can mention your best achievement or internship related with the job when you were a student. Do not mention all of it. You can explain it at your resume.
  4. Try to get the hiring manager attention in your best skills which are utilized for the job and the company. Tell how you get so interested with the job position.
  5. Last, tell your contact once again and tell that your resume is enclosed. Thanking them politely. You can use some diction such as ‘Sincerely’, ‘Best Regards’, and so on.
Overall, let see this cover letter examples:

Example a Cover Letter Without Template

Cover Letter in Response to Ad
Cover Letter in Response to Ad

Example a Cover Letter Without Using Template

Betty Swarez
333 Main Road Ave | Charlottesville, VA 1111
June 23, 2012
Mr. Edward West
Flight and Ticket Recruiter
Win American Airport
Miami, Florida 32100

Dear Mr. Edward West,
While reviewing and article in the Road Street Journal recently, I learned that your company is planning to assume a portion of Rose Airlines’ routes to South America. Many of your new customer will be the Hispanic population of Miami, New Your, Dallas and the South American countries you intend to serve No doubt, you will be interested in increasing the number of bilingual personnel in these cities. In this regard, I possess the skills and interest to be of benefit to Win Airlines.
As a native of Puerto Rico, I received a comprehensive bilingual education. As the enclosed resume indicates, I will be graduating with a major in English from the University of Virginia next May and am fluently bilingual in written as well as oral English and Spanish. My customer and service and conflict resolution skills will also serve as an asset as I am prepared to handle customer organizational challenges that arise daily within the airline industry.
I look forward to using my leadership skills to assist with customer service and conflict resolution in situations when challenges arise. My involvement as the Vice President of the Latino Student Union has along with developing methods for troubleshooting areas of concerns. These skills, along with positive attitude and strong work ethic, will work to your advantage in meeting the needs of the new Hispanic population you will be serving.
I will be in Miami the week of August 14-17, 2012, and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with someone within your office to discuss my qualifications for a full-time entry level position within your organization. Within the next two weeks I will contact you determine if it is possible to connect with someone during my visit to the Miami area. Thank you for your time and consideration of my qualifications.
Betty Swarez