How to Write a Thank You Letter or a Thank You Notes

A thank you letter is the best possible way to express your gratitude towards someone. They are considered appropriate etiquette tools and have the most important ones too. They help in creating an impact in certain situations like after an interview and others.
Thank you notes can be of various types depending upon whom you are writing that letter to. These can be formal as well as informal.  The importance of thank you letters lies in the fact that they encourage a person to continue the task that he/she is being thanked for. The following points are tips and suggestions that could be helpful while writing a thank you letter:
  • Thank you letters should always be self written as then it gives it a whole personalised touch.
  • One can start be giving a brief about the incident or task for which gratitude is felt.
  • While thanking the person, be sincere and honest. Don’t add extra unnecessary points which make the letter look overdone.
  • Be polite throughout the letter as it will show that you are genuinely thankful.

Thank You Email after Interview

thank you email after interview
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Thank You Letter For Invitation

May 2, 2010

Ms. Jacqueline Lennon

God’s Love Charity
Compton Road, Brighton,
East Sussex, BN3 5AL
Dear Ms. Lennon,
I received your invitation to the 1st anniversary celebration of the God’s Love Charity fund this morning. I am pleased to be invited to this meaningful event and will include it in my schedule right away.
I admire the selflessness of organizations such as yours that give hope and love to our fellowmen who are disadvantaged. I have read about several of your projects and you truly are a blessing to the lives you touch. People in business are greatly concerned about corporate social responsibility and charity groups such as yours make helping others more accessible. Allow me to express my appreciation for your work by donating a humble sum on the day of your anniversary.
Thank you again for the invitation. May the Lord continue to guide us in all our endeavors.

Yours sincerely,
Danah Walker
General Manager
Women’s Magazine

Interview Thank You email

interview thank you email
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Promotion Thank You Letter

June 5, 2010
Mr. Robin Dean
UK Daily Chronicle
London, WC3V 6EY
Dear Mr. Dean,
Please allow me to thank you for entrusting to me the position of Editorial Assistant of the UK Daily Chronicle. I am pleased to accept the promotion and I am prepared to fulfill the tasks required of me.
From my first job in the company as a local correspondent, I have enjoyed countless opportunities to hone my skills and improve my capabilities as a writer. Through your support and encouragement, my career has taken leaps and bounds. The challenging working atmosphere has also taught me valuable lessons about discipline and excellence. Rest assured that I will not fail your trust and will work to the utmost of my ability as the new editorial assistant.
Again, thank you for this opportunity. I anticipate a fruitful week ahead as I start working with the editorial board.

Yours sincerely,
Deborah Haley

Thank You Notes Samples 

October 24, 2010
Prof. Alvin Smith
Bolton University
Bolton, BL4 5AB
Dear Prof. Smith,
First, let me thank you for attending our activity as a speaker on the topic, “Responsible Entrepreneurship in the Era of Globalization,” last week. Our participants were impressed by your speech which they found to be very informative and substantial.
The organizers were greatly satisfied by the speech you delivered. You were able to convey the message clearly and have encouraged many of the entrepreneurs to re-examine their working principles and goals. Many participants were inspired to follow the path you have taken as a responsible entrepreneur sharing to society the blessings you earn through your business. We are sure this will help kindle the spirit of social responsibility in the local business community.

Thank you very much for accepting our invitation despite your busy schedule. We look forward to having you again as one of our speakers in future activities
Very truly yours,
Organizing Committee

Writing Thank You Notes

September 5, 2010
Ms. Pauline Welsh
Dynamic Company
Bristol, BS8 1TH
Dear Ms. Welsh,
It was a pleasant surprise to receive a beautiful painting from you on the event of our business opening yesterday. The painting, which is coincidentally made by one of my favorite local painters, nicely fits in our lobby.
We feel honored that you went out of your way to welcome a new business in town. The gift gave me and the staff more confidence and eased our apprehension on the first day of our business. As a new part of the business community, we hope to develop a warm relationship with you amid the friendly competition inevitable in the field.
We hope to be able to meet you and the other business owners soon. Please come to the party we have organized this Saturday at our store to celebrate our successful opening.
Thank you once again.

Rachel Lowe
Finesse Clothing Store

Sample Thank You Letter 

December 10, 2010

Prof. Fiona Cleary
Buckinghamshire College
Buckinghamshire, HP6 2NE
Dear Prof. Cleary,
I am writing this letter to thank you for being an excellent mentor during my stay in college. I am already in the last semester of my undergraduate degree and expect to be graduating by the end of the academic year thanks to remarkable teachers like you.
You have taught me more than the lessons I needed in the field of Biology. Beyond being our mentor, you were also our friend. The constructive advices you have given, as well as the practical lessons you have shared in class, have encouraged me to study hard to reach my goal. I will forever be grateful the lessons you have taught me. I will carry these as I enter medical school, foremost of which is love and compassion for others.

Thank you so much. I wish you all the best as you continue to help other young adults through your profession.
Katie Smith

Sample Thank You Cards 

Dear Chris,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health. There have been a lot of hectic days around my marriage and I did not get the opportunity to express gratitude to you in the way I should have done. It has been very supportive for me as well as for Stella that you filled the void created by the absence of our parents during our marriage because of the untimely volcanic eruption and the cancellation of flights which followed later.

We were contemplating of cancelling the marriage which could have proved to be an emotional as well as financial setback, for all the things were kept in perspective for the marriage. It was the support which you tendered that all things happened in such a satiating way. Now, we don’t feel away from our respective homes since we know that someone family is there with us. Thanking you,

Your pal,


Christmas Thank You Letter

Dearest Dad,
I wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year on the eve of Christmas. You might be wondering that why have I opted for this mode of communicating with you when all other direct means of talking to you is at my disposal. The thing is that there is something which I felt is better to be conveyed in this way.
Dad, this is to thank you for everything and for being the greatest dad. You have always sensed all the things which I ever needed even before I realised the need of those things. You have always been by my side in all the tough situations whichever and whenever I faced them. You have guided me for the best of my future and also scolded me for not leading astray in my life. There are countless things which I need to thank you for. Thanking you for everything,
Your loving son,

Thank You Letter appreciation letter 

Dear Veronica,
This might appear weird for approaching you in such an informal way, for all our prior communications have been on a pure official note. However, there is a reason for such an approach. You have been a very supportive and encouraging companion in all of work which we have accomplished together. Should your encouragement would not there in the context, I would never have scaled the heights which I have managed to do so.
This letter is to thank you for your support and encouragement when I needed the most and was even unaware of the need for the kind of support which you rendered. I would also like to exploit the time for apologising that the acknowledgement and the appreciation for your support came so deep in time; when it should have been expressed very early. Thank you for being there for everything an supporting me at all the times,

Your companion and friend,

Professional Thank You Note

Dear Uncle Stewart,
I wish this letter finds you in the pink of your health. This letter is to thank you and aunt Giselle for the fantastic festive time which we spent together. It was for a long time that both the families spent such quality time together. The festive occasion beckoned for the get together and all the things fell into perspective, resulting in such a memorable festive season for both the families.
It was a sheer pleasure to spend the entire festive season with you and your family. The hospitality and the generous attitude which was rendered to us deserve the gratitude more than couple of times. I am looking forward to the next festive season where I was contemplating to invite you all to our home. Please allow us to return some of the humility which we received. Looking forward for more fun time and thanking you and aunt Giselle,
Yours lovingly,

Thank u note 

Dear Aunt Georgia,
I hope that this letter finds you in the best of the health. It has been a wonderful gesture from your side that you never fail to wish me for my birthday. Now, the scene is that my birthday never completes without the best wishes expressed from your side. Sometimes, you do not get the opportunity to wish me in the morning because of the time constraint between the two countries; then you wish me in the evening. But, late or early, the wishes are sure to come to me on my birthday and I love you for this.
I always have garnered the view that the gifts do not matter but what matters is the warmth in the wishes and that is actually what I get from you. I wish to receive these wishes for ever. Convey my regards to uncle Gates. Thanking you again and again for every wish,

Yours lovingly,

Thank You Greetings

Dear Mr. Jones,
This is the first time I am writing to you in an informal way. The greetings which you conveyed to us for the revival of our firm from the difficult time made us realise that you are more than a work companion for us, since there were few people who stood by our side in these times; and the expression of the greetings from your side is the acknowledgement of the support which you rendered to our organisation during the tough times.
You have extended the personal arm to me leaving behind all the professional indifferences and that is highly commendable. This shows that how much you are involved in the work you do and how much you care for your companions. It was a great relief to realise your support when all our competitors are involved in the crab fight to pull us down and let us drown in the difficulties.
Thanking you,
Mr. Yardley.

Letter Of Thanks 

Mr. Drake,
Happy Hearts Foundation,
South Glamorgan
Mr Gates
Dear Mr. Gates,
I, Mr. Drake, the person in charge of the awareness event for our organization named Happy Hearts Foundation, am writing this letter to thank you for the support which you gave for the above said event. The event was in a creative mess and we approached for your support on a very short notice. But, we were confident that, being the kind of philanthropist which you are, you will surely do the needful. And what you did was more than the needful.
The event was accomplished on a much grander scale than it was perceived by our creative team for the event, much to the credit of the philanthropist support along with the special timely personal tips given by you. We express heartfelt gratitude for your support and we hope that you continue the good work which you have been famous for doing all these years. Thanking you again and again,

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Drake.

Marriage Thank You Letter

Dearest love Jane,
This is your husband writing to you for the first time after our marriage over the period of last 2 years. Yesterday, I was having a glance at the time which we spent together after our marriage and the only thing which I have to say is a Thank You. Yes, I have never sad so for everything which gave to me and my family after becoming a part of it. You made our family complete.
You gave me the greatest and the most endearing gift of my love, that is, your love. But, you know that I am a greedy guy and I still want love from you for all of my life. Besides, the gratitude, there is something more which I need to convey to you. This is apologies for not expressing the gratitude way before and realising your love so late. Thanking you for all your love and support,
Your loving hubby,


Thank You Love Letter

Dear Love Stella,
This is your love Stephen talking to you. You might be bewildered as to why I am approaching you in this indirect way. There is something which I have not done at the right time and I need to do this as early as possible. First of all, I convey heartfelt apologies for not doing so before. Now, after irritating you so much as usual, I would like to come to the point which propelled me to write this letter.
You and your love give me a reason to live; and I want to thank you for this love. Thank you for loving me so much and being there for me in all the times, irrespective of good or bad times. There has been one thing perpetual no matter what the situations were and it is the love which I have been getting from you. Thank you for loving me so much,
Your love,

Writing a Thank You Letter

Dear James,
This is your friend Peter on the other side. I am writing this letter to you for conveying a very special message this time. The message is that of expressing gratitude from my side for the friendship which you have kindled with me. I still remember when I, along with my family, shifted here for the first time and I had no one whom I could call as my friend. Slowly, but very firmly, our friendship grew; and today we are the thickest of the friends.
You made me realise what friendship means for a person and who is an actual friend. You always stood by my side in my tough times and encouraged the best out of me. The moral of ‘A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed’ fits exactly; for you have been there for me whenever I needed you. Thanking you for the friendship of my lifetime,
Your pal,

Thank You Letter Format


Name [write the name of the recipient]
Address [write the official address of the recipient]
Date [write the date on which the letter is being sent]
Subject: [write a precise and well framed subject for the letter]
Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. ______________ [write a proper salutation and title for the recipient]
First paragraph: [The first paragraph should be used by the sender to express his/ her gratitude and thank the person]
Second paragraph: [In this paragraph the sender must elaborate the reason for thanking and also mention that help or favor done by receiver has a lot of value for you. You can let the person know the importance of the favor for you and how you will utilize this favor.]
Third paragraph: [The sender must conclude his/ her letter and mention that it was a nice gesture and conclude the letter by a final thanks giving line.]

Yours sincerely
Name [write the name of the sender]
Address [write the address of the sender]

Thank You Letter Template

Name [here write the name of the recipient]
Designation [write the profile of the recipient]
Company name [write the name of the respective firm]
Address [write the address of the recipient]
Date [write the date of sending the letter]
Subject: [write down an appropriate subject for the letter]
Respected Sir/ Ma’am
I am writing this letter to thank you for your valuable time that you gave me to present my proposal to you, pertaining to___________ [here briefly write about the business proposal that you presented].  I am sure you will give a serious thought to it and we can ___________ [here write about the possible outcome of the proposal, which you are expecting]. I am extremely thankful that you took time for this meeting and made it an experience.
I hope to get a positive reply at the earliest and look forward to working with the cooperative staff at the office.
Yours’ sincerely
Name [write the name of the sender]
[Name of the organization that you represent]

Thank You Letter after Interview

Ethan Jones
HR Head, ADS technologies
#67, Spring Blvd
Stocks field, Number land
Date: 14th Feb, 2012
Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to thank you for your time that you took out from your busy schedule to interview me for the position of technical in-house trainer. I am very enthusiastic about joining your prestigious organization. I am sure that my profile matches the requirements of this position.
I assure you, that I will prove to be an apt candidate for the job position in the capacity of technical trainer, because of my vast experience in the field and my academic achievements. Apart from my education and experience, I also have excellent communication skills, which will really help me to perform my role of a good trainer.
I really appreciate your consideration and kind gesture. I am looking forward for a positive reply from your end.
Yours sincerely,
Emma Hudson.


Thank You letter for Internship

Ms. Barbara K John
Dean, St. Mary Hospital
7654, Alpine Street,
Leicester, Leicestershire
Date: 14th Feb, 2012
Dear Ma’am,
I am writing this letter to express my thankfulness to you, for giving me such a great opportunity to join your prestigious hospital as a medical trainee for my internship. Thank you so much ma’am for giving this boost to my career. This turn in my career, at this point of time holds a lot of importance and also gives me great responsibility.
I assure you, that I will utilize my academic achievements and accomplishments to work towards the goodwill and success of the organization while developing me as an operation assistant. I will always work with compassion, dedication and integrity.
I really appreciate your kind consideration and looking forward to join the organization. And once again, I want to thank you from the core of my heart.
Yours sincerely,
Mark Robinson
Mb. 983792738

Thank You Letter While Leaving a Company
Ms. Amanda S Caddish
RLCR Store
89, Prologue Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Date: 14th Feb, 2012
Dear Ma’am
I am writing this letter to thank you for giving me, the first job opportunity of my career 3 years ago. It was really overwhelming when I first received the joining letter from your company. I want to thank you for all the support and motivation that you gave me in these 3 years.
Since, I am moving back to my country, so I need to resign from this position. The whole experience of working here in your organization under your supervision was great and I must admit that I learnt many professional qualities and ethics here in your organization. You have polished my skills and I feel much more confident professionally after working here with you.
I want to wish you success and may your organization attain new heights in terms of success and growth. Thanks for all that you did for me.
Herb Jackson

Volunteer Thank You Letter

Ms. Jane Smith
#531, Oak Drive
Dear Ms. Smith
I am writing this letter to thank you for your important contribution and your precious time to provide your volunteer services to our NGO.  Your knowledge and expertise benefited the young men and women who participated in our Global Warming awareness program.  Positive activities such as this really make a difference in our lives. Your kind gesture meant a lot and participants learnt a lot from your speeches.
We are happy to share with you the compiled results of the city residents participant feedback forms collected at the event.  A summary of the feedback forms is attached, along with letters that the youth in the program have written to express their personal appreciation.
I really appreciate your efforts.  Once again, thank you for your time.  We hope you will continue to support this kind of programs with our NGO in future also.
Anna Parker
Youth NGO team.

Sample of Thank You letter

Mark Robinson
#451, Jackson Heights
Stocks field, Number land
Date: 14th Feb’2012
Dear Mark,
I am writing this letter to express my thanks for the beautiful gift that you gave me for my wedding. It is an amazingly beautiful piece of art. Both I and Peter loved it. We have used it in decorating our bedroom and it is looking perfect with interior of the room.
It was really a kind gesture of yours to take out time from your busy schedule to attend the wedding. We were so happy to see you on the wedding and your gift was really awesome. Mark, I must say that that you have a very good taste when it comes to art pieces and you chose my gift that completely matches my style and choice.
Looking forward to meet you soon. Do let me know if you have any plans of coming to the town.

Thank you once again.
Your Friend,
Stacy Marshall

Wedding Invitation Thank You Letter

Stacy Marshall
Flat no. 765
PO Box 1098
Dear Stacy,
I am writing this letter to congratulate you for your decision to spend your entire life with Peter. I am really happy for you. I also want to thank you for remembering me; as we were not in contact for quite a long time. I was thinking that you might have forgotten me.
When I received the wedding invitation from you, I was really overwhelmed, that you did not forget me. You know that these days I am running very busy and I have very tight schedule even on the weekend when you are getting married. I am not sure that whether I’ll be able to come for the wedding ceremony, but my good wishes are always with you and Peter.
Once again, thank you for inviting me on the wedding and I’ll try my level best to be a part of the most beautiful day of your life.
Mark Robinson


Good Thank You Notes

Mr. Charlie Harper
7654, Alpine Street,
Leicester, Leicestershire
Date: 14th Feb, 2012
Dear Mr. Harper,
I am writing this letter to thank you for allowing me to take 2 hours off thrice a week from work to complete my studies. It is really a kind gesture from your end that you understood the need of an academic degree and allowed me to complete it without leaving my job.
As you know, I started to work very early due to my family conditions and hence did not get chance to complete my studies. Now my dream is becoming a reality only because of you. This really means a lot to me, and I don’t know that whether a mere thank you letter will be enough to do the job.
But, I am really thankful to you from the core of my heart and wish you a lot of success.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Smith

Samples of Thank You Notes

November 19, 2010
Dr. Charlie Vinney
Director of Student Affairs
Brighton University
Brighton, BN5 4AT
Dear Dr. Vinney,
I was overjoyed at finding out that I am one of the applicants you have chosen to avail of the University Biology Scholarship. For this, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation.
Your generous decision is the opportunity I have been waiting for to be able to enroll in an undergraduate degree in Biology. I hope to pursue a career in medicine and your assistance will greatly help me achieve this. Without the scholarship, I would not be able to finance my education since my parents lost their jobs in the financial crisis. I believe that the scholarship will also encourage me to strive harder to maintain good grades as required to retain the scholarship.

Again, thank you so much. I assure you that I will make the best out of this opportunity and make every effort to help others in my own way.
Deborah Watson