Job Offer Letter from Employer to Employee

Sometimes, we need to write a cover letter and a resume to apply in our dream company. Well, in other stories there are people who are so lucky to get job offering from certain company. As the candidate, we may never know when we would accept the job offer letter. Actually, the letter is similar with other letter for job. This function of the letter is to offer the job for the special candidate. Whether the candidate will accept it or not, it depends on them.

Yet, we may need to make a job offer letter from employer to employee since it is our responsibility. You can search a job offer letter template. However it may not suit with your company. Thus, it will be better for us to make it by yourself. You can search an example as reference. These simple tips will help you to make a job offer letter:

  • Write down the complete address. Well, you are sending the letter as representation from the company. Thus, you should mention your name or your senior name who ask you to make this letter including tittle, company name and complete address.
  • Write down the date. Of course the recipient should know when you write the letter. Then the recipient knows how much time he/she could give the answer.
  • The candidate’s address should write down correctly. Write your candidate’s name including the address.
  • In your letter, you can directly say that you are offering a job for the candidate. In this letter you should be brief. You can explain what position is, how many work hours. When your candidate should start to work and even the salary. Sometimes, you can attach other files to explain the job responsibilities.
  • Whenever your candidate accepts the job, you can tell them what other requirement they should bring such as Criminal Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check and another requirement you needs.
  • Give the information for your candidate how to confirm and the D-day. Since you need an employee for your office, you should have the deadline.
  • Close the letter with nice salutation.
See, it is not difficult. You can make it without template. The point is to be brief and give important information. Do not write down useless point. Just because you are offering an employee, you should be polite. Finally, to give you more reference you can see this simple example of job offer letter from employer to employee.

Job Offer Letter Sample

From :

Edward William
Senior Administrator
123 XYZ St, NY 09900
California, USA

To :

January, 12 2001
Johnny White
098 ABC St, NY 87111
California, USA

Dear Johnny White,
I am pleased to offer your part time employment as a Support Worker for Johnny White. A detailed job description is attached to this letter for your reference. This position will begin on February, 1 2001. The hours of work are (______), for a total if (_____) hours per week at a rate of $____per hour.
You are required to ensure you obtain a Criminal Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check before the first day of work.
If you agree to accept this offer of employment, please sign and return one copy of this letter to us.
I look forward to working with you.


Edward William

Job Offer Confirmation Letter for Employeer

Job Offer Confirmation Letter for Employeer