Printable Fax Cover Sheet Template

First of all, what do you know about a fax cover sheet? Sending a fax today is not like at the past years. Today the fax is more modern and more easy to use. We did not use Morse code anymore. Briefly, a fax cover sheet is optional to use in business or fax marketing. However, a printable fax cover sheet is a format of fax that you are faxed to your recipient before you send the real actual fax message. The purpose is to know who the sender is and give some contact information. It is also to state the recipient and their information. 
Whether or not we use a fax cover sheet when we want to send a fax? It depends on the company. There is a company who think that having a fax cover sheet is not useful and wasteful, yet some of them think that having a fax cover sheet is best to do. It can show its identification and the branding of the company. Besides, when in the fax cover sheet directly addresses to right person, it will not be handled or read by others. Thus, it is effective enough. 

How Do I Make a Cover Sheet Template? 

It is so simple to make a fax cover sheet. Indeed, you can make it by your own or you can use any template. All of us know, today we can find anything through internet including a fax cover sheet template. It is very easy to find. Even, in some sites, you can download it freely including the example. You can have a fax cover sheet through your MS Word. It is so simple to get. Let see these simple steps: 

  • Open your MS Word and click ‘FILE’. After it, you can see option of ‘NEW’, and see the folder which is named as ‘FAX COVER’. 
  • In this folder, you can find much of template. I remind you that if you want many more template of fax cover, you should turn on your internet connection. You can type the key word in the ‘SEARCH’ menu. 
  • The MS Word will give you several options, or you can go through the official Microsoft site. You can easily download some template there as well. 
  • After you choose one of the templates, then you can replace some information in the template. It has nice format already, thus be careful in formatting. 
See how simple it is. Overall, see this simple example of printable fax cover sheet template below: