Recommendation Letter for Student from Teacher

Stepping forward is not easy. It needs a lot of effort. Even sometimes, there are a lot of basic requirement because of the system. Well, we may try to get some certification, scholarship, or to enter a collage. One of the basic requirements usually is a recommendation letter. Of course, as a student you need to as a recommendation letter for student for teacher. It will help you to get in and to support your essay about yourself.

Anyway, as a teacher you should give the recommendation for your student who needs it. It is important because you know your students so well. As your student witness, you need to give objective point to help your student. You know, your recommendation letter for your student takes a part on their goals to get scholarship or to be accepted in their dream collage. Anyway, let see these tips below to make recommendation letter for student from teacher:

  • First of all, write down the date and complete address of the certification, collage, or so on.
  • Use salutation. Whatever the letter is, you should open your letter with salutation. Well, when you do not know to whom should be this letter addressed, you can use To Whom It May Concern salutation. It is okay.
  • As the principal or a teacher of the student you should give objective assessment for your student. First, you can say why the student recommended enough through his/her academic or non-academic achievement. Even, you can tell about the student personal attitude and manner. It gives your student more chance to achieve the goals.
  • If you have or know how his/her effort in certain job and the student achieve good goals, then you can state it. It is good when you want to explain your student responsibilities during the project.
  • In the last paragraph, say one more time that the student should get it. Convinced them that your student deserve it.
  • To close the letter, you should give your signature, your name and your title then the organization or collage will more believe in this recommendation letter.
Indeed, make a recommendation letter for student from teacher is not easy. Sometimes, you may afraid to give too subjective assessment.  Never give too high praise for your student. It looks unnatural. Well, say the truth. Give your objective assessment. Your student is not a perfect human. Give the plus point. Overall, let see this simple example below:
NASC Student Program Application

January 16, 2010

National Association of Student Councils
c/o NASC Student Leader Certification
1904 Association Drive Reston VA 20191

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing today recommend STUDENT NAME be named a certified leader through the NASC Student Leaders Program. In Addition to his meeting the required criteria, I would like to highlight additional reason why this student should receive the award.

STUDENT is an outstanding young leader who has made a difference here at SCHOOL and who is committed to the student council. I have had the pleasure of observing and working with STUDENT for two years and have witnessed his leadership in action.

One of the best examples I can cite that will illustrate what typifies this young man occurred last year when he was working with the student council to assist with local blood drive. The activity became a passion and his/her efforts and ingenuity were directly responsible for signing up over 300 student volunteers to either give blood or recruit their parents and others. I was one of the most successful drives of the year.

As ambassadors for our school our student council members are known to our parents and community. STUDENT works diligently each year to reflect to the community the pride and spirit we have here at NAME High School.

 It is for these and other similar and compelling reasons that I am recommending STUDENT for the honor of being recognized by NASC as a Distinguished Student Leader.


Mr. Principal

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