Rental Agreement Template Free With Agreement Example

People usually want to bring something since if they buy it they are not really need in their entire life, they do not have much money, or they just need it in short time thus they will bring or rental it. Well, if you are going to the rental place, then you should sign a rental agreement. Well, if it is about big and longtime rental like a residence, it may need time to make it because there must be a lot of discussion about it. Here it is some tips you can see in how to make a rental agreement letter.

Before you see the example, usually a rental agreement template has three paragraphs. Let see each of them:

  • Paragraph one: mention the date when you start the rental agreement letter and between whom. Mention the tenant and the owner or the landlord. You may change it depends on what kind of rental is. Write down full name and where or what it is. Give detail about it.
  • Paragraph two: the example is a bout month-to-month rental residence thus the second paragraph will tell about the payment. How much you should pay each month and when the date you should pay it for the landlord. When is the first payment, mention the date. We never know what will happen, thus we should tell the damage deposit and explain will the tenant also has some refund if they turn it in certain condition. When the deposit will be placed and how much it is. You should also mention how many days the tenant will get the refunded deposit after they turns the key. Overall it is about that detail. You may add some points and it will be okay because it depends on your need.
  • The third paragraph: the closing of this letter tells that both of you agree with the agreement point above and there must be punishment when one of you broke the agreement.
  • The last, both of you should give your signature to show your agreement.
  • Indeed that there are a lot of rental agreement template free in the Internet. But, when you search it you should read it carefully since there may some disagreement in the template. Thus, read it and choose it or you just make your own template for a rental agreement letter. Well, to give you more acknowledgements about the rental agreement, let see this example about rental agreement template for residence.

Rental Agreement Example


This rental agreement, dated ___________, is between _________, tenant, and _______, landlord, for the rental unit located at: __________.
Under this rental agreement, the tenant agrees to rent the above-mentioned residence on a month-to-month basis, with a monthly rental amount of $________. The monthly rent will be due and payable on the __________ day of each month, starting on the first day of ______, 20___. A damage deposit is required at the time of signing this rental agreement. The deposit will be placed in an escrow account. The amount of this deposit shall be $____. If the rental unit is turned to the landlord in a clean and good condition, this deposit will be refunded the tenant within _________ days from the date the tenant returns said keys to landlord. The tenant or the landlord may terminate this agreement with a _______ day written notice to the other party. The attached rental policy shall be made part of this agreement and shall be binding on all parties.
The tenant acknowledges reading and understanding this agreement and the rental policy this is part of this agreement. The tenant’s signature below indicates acceptance of all terms and of this rental agreement and the rental policy.



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