Sample of Professional Resume Template

Why do we need make a professional resume? When we apply our applicant job to certain company, we want the hiring manager read our applicant, don’t we? Well, this professional resume will help you to be interviewed. Especially when you use a resume template, the key is how you pick the professional resume template.
Do you know that not all the professional resume template fits with your need? Thus, challenge yourself to choose good professional resume template. Choose the template that makes you look so professional so the hiring manager will be interested with your job applicant. Yet, see these following simple tips to choose good professional resume template:
  1. There is a big three professional resume template you can pick such as: chronological, functional, and combination resume templates. Let choose one of the most suitable templates.
  2. Though, the chronological template is a common template with most traditional resume format and some employers prefer this resume though it is a problem when you have unemployment in your work history.
  3. Well, there is no absolute resume or curriculum vitae. Every resume is worth enough to be your applicant. Yet, you need to choose the most correct resume for your own need.
Now, we know that create a professional resume is important. However, where we can find a good professional resume to download? Do not worry! You will find it in your Microsoft Word or even on some pages in Internet. Yet, let see how to download a professional resume template through your Microsoft Word:
  1. Open your Microsoft Word and click ‘FILE’ then ‘NEW’
  2. You may see there are a lot of choices. Normally, you will chose ‘Blank Document’ but you will choose a ‘Resume and Cover Letters’
  3. Make sure your laptop has Internet connection because you will go online through the official Microsoft website.
  4. Every template you see in this section is good. But, you should choose template that suitable with you and all your experience.
  5. Download it!
See, how easy is it? If you finish the download, you can add your information into the resume template. Just add it because the template already has good format. It is okay when you want to add some information though the template does not have it. But, you have to make it similar with other format in that template. Overall, let see this following example of professional resume template.

Sample of Professional Resume Templates Word

Sample of Professional Resume Templates Word
Sample of Professional Resume Templates Word, src :

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