Sample Request Letter for Transfer to another Location

One day, we may face this kind of situation when you love your job but for some important reason make you to move to another place and there is no choice except you have to transfer to another location. Well, if you cannot leave the company, then you can make a request letter for transfer to another location especially when your company has branches in some locations. It is the best choice you can do.

Transferring to another location is not bad since you need it and you like your company so much. So, what to write in your request letter for transferring. Of course your request letter for transfer at the beginning should have personal information of yours. Well, it is about contact information, date, and the supervisor or even the human resource manager of your company. It is important to use formal salutation. In the body of the letter, you should write a letter that explains why you have to be transferred. Well, let see this simple explanation in how to write a request letter for transfer to another location:
  • You need to know why you are writing a request letter for transfer to another location. Start the letter by mentioning or even explaining your reason and be specific but not too long. Brief and clear.
  • Tell the story between you and the company. Of course you have to tell your background with the company like your job title, department, or how long you have been employed there, or what is your role in the company.
  • Write your reason why you are requesting to transfer to another location. Do not too long. Of course you have to make it in detail but it is not about giving thousands of details. Write it simple like: “I need to relocate due to family circumstances” or “I am eager to increase my responsibilities and take advantage of my programming background with this new role.”
  • See whether your reason is make sense or not. When it is not, change it. Well, stay focus with the company and explain why this transfer will benefit the company as much 

See, writing a request letter for transfer to another location needs some preparations even research to know if the company needs extra help or not in other branches. Make it easy by saying the truth. Overall, let see this example of the request letter to transfer to another location below:

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to another Location

Devi Shinta
12, XX Apartments
Colorful Road, Calcutta
Date: June 12, 2015

Denny White
HR Manager
Stone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
12, CC Plaza, Calcutta

Sub: Transfer letter request from Calcutta to Delhi.

Dear Denny,
I would like to submit my request for transfer from Calcutta office of our Company to Delhi office. There are a few personal reasons because of which I am initiating this request. My husband has been transferred to Delhi and that’s the reason I am putting up this request. I have been associated with Stone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from last five years and I have an amazing work experience and I would not want to discontinue it.

I strongly feel that this change of workplace will be in the interest of my personal life and also the Company as it will save my time traveling to Delhi to meet my husband and I will be able to focus better on my duties and responsibilities. I feel that instead of leaving the company, just with a change of city. I can still be a part of this prestigious organization. For all these years, you have seen my performance and the growth that I have achieved with the guidance of seniors and my dedication. I would be very interested in continuing working with Stone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and contributing in the growth.
I would be extremely happy if we can work out on a solution that is mutually beneficial to the company and me. I would be glad to assist and train someone else for my profile in Calcutta office so that the work does not get affected. I promise to extend the best of my support in this.

I have had a wonderful journey with amazing experience and I would love to continue that for longer.
I thank you for considering my request. I would be waiting for your response.


Devi Shinta
Senior Marketing Executive
Stone Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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